Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Downton Abbey Paper Doll


By Cecilia Pekelharing

I am pleased to present my first Downton Abbey paper doll,
 Sybil Crawley one of my favorite Downton characters.

Look out for more of my Downton Abby dolls which I hope to post in the near future as well as some more dresses for Sybil.  

I would really like to hear what you all think of her so please don't feel shy to leave a comment.

This is a free paper doll, so please feel free to print, pin, like and share it. 
 Not for commercial use.   


  1. Wow! I love her! She is so gorgeous!

  2. Yes, your hyperlink worked

    1. I am glad to hear it!!! :) Thanks for popping passed!!

  3. Hi Cecilia,

    Your Downton Abbey paper dolls and dresses are wonderful. Thank you for creating them and sharing them for free. I know it' is a bit late to be looking at them, but it is just now that I found yours. They are so feminine and pretty. Downton Abbey is being reshown again on PBS, you might want to consider doing one of Lady Grantham or Mary. Just a thought. Yes, I love Downton Abbey. I do have other paper dolls too. Thanks again for sharing your artistic talent. Stella